Specialist Integration

Integrating existing hardware and optimising it for smart room control

Specialist BEMS integration with your existing hardware in order to optimise it for smart room controls.

Whether it’s a piece of legacy equipment or poorly supported industry specific plant, it can be difficult to fully integrate them into your BEMS. We specialise in capitalising on your existing hardware and optimising it for smart controls.

Our highly skilled engineers have years of experience working with a variety of unusual plant from many manufacturers, so they have the knowledge to solve your problems.

Our tailored integrations

  • Keep your existing equipment and make it work more effectively for you.
  • Minimise capital expenditure by avoiding expensive new equipment.
  • Utilising existing infrastructure minimises GHG emissions.
  • BEMS and IoT integration enables energy forecasting for net zero targets.

Contact Environmental Energy Controls now to talk with a member of our team to discover more on our BEMS Specialist Integration options and the advantages to be gained from optimising systems for Smart Room Control configurations. We’re on hand and ready to help with your enquiry.

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