Providing innovative IIoT solutions and driving the data revolution

BuildingsThink A dedicated team to drive our IIoT solutions, Industrial Internet of Things.

As Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has gained traction across sectors we felt it was important to create a dedicated team to drive our IIoT solutions. That’s why we established BuildingsThink.

Innovative IIoT solutions

BuildingsThink have quickly established themselves across a diverse range of market sectors in Scotland and across the UK, providing innovative IIoT solutions and driving the data revolution. Bringing together key assets, advanced predictive analytics, BuildingsThink fully support the modern industrial workforce. It is a vast network of industrial devices connected by communications technologies that can monitor, gather, and analyse data to deliver unprecedented insights. These insights then help drive smarter, faster decision-making.

BuildingsThink are leading the way in utilising IIoT to change how industrial companies operate. From enabling Industrial AI to detect internal pipeline corrosion to providing real-time production data to expose unexploited plant capacity or accelerating product development by feeding production data back into the design cycle, IIoT is driving powerful business outcomes.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe the network of objects that communicate with each other via IP networks without any human interaction. The objects have software, sensors, actuators, electronics and network connectivity embedded enabling them to collect data and exchange it with other objects. This ever-growing network of connected assets can include physical devices, buildings, vehicles and anything that can be embedded with connectivity. These generates massive amounts of data which we harness to improve business performance. See Commercial IoT

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Data & Analytics

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