Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces® integration delivers full remote control of your HVAC

Smart Spaces ® integration provides a full Digital Twin of your HVAC system.

The Digital Twin is an interactive, 3D model of your building that gives you full 360° views on a room or floor level, as well as airflow simulation and modelling. This is also important post-pandemic too since increased CO2 levels have been linked to headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and nose, eye and throat irritation. These lead to lower productivity and sick days totalling 3 million lost work days at a cost of £1.6B to the UK economy.

Smart Spaces® also delivers full remote control of your HVAC, including real-time data on operating conditions and maintenance. Data analytics such as CO2, operating noise, light levels and temperature are fed into the BEMS to ensure occupant comfort.

Contactless Access

Contactless access creates a frictionless user experience, increases security and minimises the risk of virus transmission. The elegant app (for iOS and Android) integrates seamlessly into your existing BEMS to give occupants and visitors enhanced control of their environment. Users can automatically open doors, turnstiles and lifts to ensure a safe return to work and to reduce resources required for sanitisation.

Social Distancing Management
Digital Twin for workspace utilisation and space usage tracking

This new normal calls for an effective solution to manage how the workspace is used and by whom. With Smart Spaces®, you can easily optimise your workspace usage and make the office flexible to answer changing needs. We do it by sensing and processing your building occupancy data and providing the reports and insights you require to keep your staff and occupiers safe.

Smart Meeting Rooms

Through Smart Spaces® social distancing can be implemented thanks to space density, workspace usage and real-time availability data and visualisation of desks and meeting rooms. Social distancing has forced us to reassess the usage of public spaces and interactions.

With real-time headcount within meeting rooms and desk areas, you can maximise your workspace occupancy, whilst improving facility management.

Desk Booking System

The flexible, real-time desk and room booking system lets you decide which spaces can be accessed and the number of people that can enter them, providing an efficient way to reduce the room capacity and re-think hotdesking. This is also key in targeting sanitisation of surfaces after use.

The space management sensors connected to our smart app will flag when the room is already over capacity, providing a safer use of the work environment for everyone.

Learn more about our Smart Spaces Meeting Room Booking System and Desk Booking System

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