BEMS Systems

Building Energy Management Systems specialists to optimise your building system controls

Automated Building Control through BEMS, Building Energy Management Systems for improved efficiency.

BEMS Systems (Building Energy Management Systems) automates the control of a building, identifying normal usage patterns and balancing all your mechanical and electrical services to minimise energy wastage and ensuring occupant comfort is maintained.

BEMS Benefits

The benefits of BMS/BEMS speak for themselves, with…

  • Up to 40% lower energy bills.
  • Lower running costs and maintenance burden and…
  • Improved comfort levels for staff, users and visitors.
  • A reliable and robust BEMS is also vital in environments such as hospitals and data centres where it’s crucial that an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is maintained.
Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Our BEMS can help prevent this unplanned downtime to keep operations running smoothly by alerting users to possible issues before they occur. Unlike most providers, we utilise fully open protocols, allowing us to integrate a wider selection of systems, including HVAC, lighting, shading, security, access and IoT to futureproof your investment and ensure its long-term value.

Energy Useage Reporting

Our system also provides reports to demonstrate how your building’s energy usage and carbon emissions are reducing, helping you to meet your legislative and corporate and social responsibility (CSR) requirements. This tangible evidence is invaluable for carbon accounting applications and in the push to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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