Services: What We Do

Independent Building Management Systems (BMS) and energy solutions for business

BEMS Systems / Building Energy Management Services

BEMS Systems

Automated building control through identifying normal usage patterns and balancing all mechanical and electrical services in order to minimise energy waste and maintain occupant comfort

Smart FM Services

Smart FM Systems

A holistic approach which considers every building user, provides frictionless building access, resource booking, enhanced security and a full-facility Digital Twin for simulation and modelling

Energy & Controls Installation Projects


Recent Projects and Case Studies undertaken and completed by Environmental Energy Controls: Delivering Turnkey “End-to-End” solutions relating to Building Energy Management Systems

Building Optimisation and Energy Response


Technology driven Energy Conservation Measures including assessments and audits to determine the best energy saving measures and most cost effective improvements

NET Zero Energy Management Systems


The UK has one of the most progressive emissions targets in the world with a 78% reduction by 2035 and to reach net zero by 2050. Take a look at our optimisation methods & services

Monitoring and Target Energy Consumption Services

Monitoring & Targeting

Our real-time monitoring & targeting gives management feedback, identifies unexpected changes in operational energy consumption, determining their cause and quickly rectifies them

Commercial and Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing Services

Panel Manufacturing

Our flexible manufacturing approach (combining experience with automation) allows us to produce control panels to exacting standards quickly and accurately whilst keeping costs down

Commercial IOT Design and Implementation

Commercial IOT

Internet Of Things – A network of objects that communicate with each other via IP networks to allow Asset Tracking, Machine Learning, Tailored Solutions and Seamless Software Updates