Fulfilling energy monitoring and optimization needs

A powerful tool for smart cities and buildings to fulfil their energy / water monitoring and optimization needs.

Our energy management solution is a powerful tool for smart cities and buildings to fulfil their energy monitoring and optimization needs. The water monitoring solution is designed to work in an island (behind a single meter) or distributed setup. You can connect any energy production, consumption, or storage system independent of brand and communication protocol.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

By using pre-configured asset types, you can quickly set up your smart energy management system and add your gas supplier to monitor the net energy flow and flexible tariffs, leading up to increased energy efficiency and cost-savings.

Tailored Systems

Using the latest wireless and hardwired technology we can tailor a fully monitored system to your requirements and in many cases, we do not have to shut down your facility to achieve the monitoring operations.


Monitoring your water consumption is a key factor in understanding your sites usage, from this data driven decisions are made possible and superior reductions made possible. To find out how we can fully monitor your site contact us for further details.

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Energy Monitoring

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