Kitchen Energy and Gas Systems

Cutting edge safety systems with energy savings built in.

Gas Safety Controls for every Environment, Kitchen Energy Savings Made Possible.

Boiler Systems

Protect Your Property

Gas safety systems within commercial boiler houses or any other area which uses natural gas systems to provide heat. Preventing the potential buildup of explosives gases that can destroy buildings.

Kitchen Systems

Commercial Kitchens

Supply and Extract canopy control, Gas proving systems, Energy savings as standard in one simple solution. Safety and Savings combined to provide complete peace of mind. Reduce running costs of your Kitchen today.

Labratory Systems


Clean Rooms and laboratory grade systems. Safety systems for critical environments where down time cannot occur. Cutting edge technology that removes human error and ensures your processes continue to run.

CO2 Detectors

Occupant Wellbeing

Monitoring based on CO2 content for the wellbeing of your building occupants. Ensuring the correct ventilation levels are maintained to a high standard. Minimising the spread of particle-based germs.

Car Park Ventilation

Commercial Parking Areas

Monitoring systems of toxic fumes emanating from vehicles or any engine-based equipment. Carbon monoxide can be lethal if not correctly warning people of the dangers they inhale.

Confined Spaces

Protecting your workforce

Any confined space is dangerous. These areas can become contaminated with toxic fumes that can affect any persons working within. A range of gases can be monitored ensuring safety.

Energy Saving

Start Saving Now.

Kitchen fans can be overlooked within buildings. in most cases they are set to run at fixed speeds at all times. Our new systems can alter the speed of Kitchen ventilation systems ensuring you make savings from day one. Fully automated energy savings all year round.

Gas Proving Systems

Protect your staff

Gas proving within commercial kitchens is a critical safety element. Our complete packaged systems remove human error and the possibility of kitchen appliances being left on accidently. Our technology will ensure that no human error is possible at the start and end of each day.

Complete turnkey solutions for all safety systems

Safety and
Energy Solutions
for a Complete Range of Sectors


Environmental Energy Controls is an independent BMS and energy solutions provider in the UK. Our roots lie in the building energy controls sector, giving us unique insight into the technology that can make your buildings as efficient and intelligent as possible.

Over the last 15 years we’ve worked with some of the world’s best-known organisations and service providers within the UK, installing new Building Energy Management System (BEMS), retrofitting existing hardware and end-of-life upgrades. With offices in Livingston, Aberdeen, and Manchester our engineers are always nearby to help maintain, control and monitor the performance of your buildings.

We utilise fully open protocol systems and services standing apart from our competitors in a very closed sector to ensure openness and long-term value for our entire end-to-end solutions.

Our Products

Our Products

Whatever the requirement, we will have the correct solution for your environment. Manufactured within the UK with all the required safety and conformance accreditations, makes us the preferred choice. 

Safety Regulations

Safety Regulations

Be aware of the latest safety regulations relating to all aspects of safety within the commercial building sector. The regulations within the UK are of the highest standards and ensure everyone’s safety.

Proven Savings

Test Case Study

Achieve excellent savings and positive results by reducing electrical consumption within any kitchen area. Many systems can retrofitted for quick payback times and easy installation.