Technology driven Energy Conservation Measures to increase energy efficiency and savings

Assessments and audits to determine the best energy conservation measures and most cost effective improvements .

Before investing in cost-saving measures it is important to assess the current usage and determine where the most cost-effective improvements can be made. Our energy audits examine the current energy usage, occupancy behaviour and building attributes in combination with weather data to tailor our energy conservation recommendations.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are steps taken to reduce energy consumption of a single piece of equipment, a system or an entire facility. Generally, ECMS are technologically driven since technology tends to be more energy efficient over time, so the older your hardware the greater the potential savings.

Energy Conservation Measures

Whilst each client has unique requirements, and no two buildings are the same, there are some measures that we regularly implement:

  • HVAC upgrades.
  • Efficient Building Energy Management System (BEMS).
  • Industrial IoT and building automation.
  • Demand-side energy management.
  • Renewable generation and battery storage.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP).
Reducing energy consumption is important in the push toward net zero, it also
  • Reduces the cost of utility bills.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Improves occupancy comfort.
  • Increases asset value.

We’re here to help

We often suggest a combination approach, installing several ECMs at the same time to minimise disruption and installation costs. Lower occupancy rates due to COVID-19 make this the perfect time to invest in your business’ future.

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