Energy Monitoring

A powerful tool for smart cities and buildings


Our electricity energy management solution is a powerful tool for smart cities and buildings to fulfil their energy monitoring and optimization needs. The solution is designed to work in an island (behind a single meter) or distributed setup…


By using pre-configured asset types, you can quickly set up your smart energy management system and add your gas supplier to monitor the net energy flow and flexible tariffs, leading up to increased energy efficiency and cost-savings…


Monitoring your water consumption is a key factor in understanding your sites usage, from this data driven decisions are made possible and superior reductions made possible. Find out more here on water consumption monitoring…


Unlock energy insights and gain a deeper understanding of your energy performance.


Identify the best opportunities to make savings and maximise return on investment.


Improve building performance by implementing the most effective energy management strategies.


Optimise the intelligent control and performance of your buildings.

Our energy monitoring helps you navigate to a more efficient and sustainable future by transforming how you use, manage and control energy. This means you can take a more integrated and proactive approach to optimise the value and performance of your buildings.

Our real-time monitoring gives you the information you need to identify unexpected changes in consumption, determine their cause (equipment failure, operator error etc) and quickly rectify them.

Machine learning automatically identifies anomalies and highlights usual demand behaviour. This is combined with historical trends to assist in early fault identification.

In addition to identifying and explaining unusual energy usage, our system
  • Enables forecasting of energy usage and costs when planning changes in the business.
  • Integrates seamlessly with our BEMS and IoT platforms.
  • Simplifies carbon budgeting and helps you achieve net zero emissions.
  • Let you manage energy consumption, not just accept it as a fixed cost.
  • Visualise energy usage over the last day, week, month or year.

Find out how we can help track your energy usage