Commercial IOT

Asset tracking, machine learning, tailored solutions and seamless software updates

Commercial IoT or Internet of Things is a network of objects that communicate with each other via IP networks .

Commercial IoT refers to a network of objects that communicate with each other via IP networks without any human interaction. The “Things” have software, sensors, actuators, electronics and network connectivity embedded in them enabling them to collect data and exchange it with other Things. These Things can be physical devices, buildings, vehicles, anything that can be embedded with the items required to enable the connectivity.

Our Commercial IoT solutions allow

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking across hundreds of sites, easily monitored from one central interface.

Machine Learning

Decisions made automatically with machine learning.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions that give you more of the information you need.

Software Updates

Seamless software updates across your entire portfolio simultaneously.

Consumer IoT (Internet of Things) has received a lot of attention recently, promising us Smart, connected homes that adapt to the way we use them to make us happier and healthier. Billions of IoT devices are coming online each year, monitoring everything from air quality to light levels in the room, background noise levels to room occupancy. At home this allows simple automations, when it’s applied to a commercial setting it creates some truly powerful opportunities.

Commercial IoT is fundamentally similar but on a whole new scale, and with this scale comes more data which in turn gives you more possibilities. The term ‘big data’ is often used to refer to this magnitude of data being generated by connected assets.

We’re here to help

Getting started with Commercial IoT can be daunting with so many underlying technologies but let us worry about that. Tell us your desired outcome, and we’ll make it work.

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