Ventilation Control

Automatically controlling your ventilation ensures the entire HVAC system is running optimally

Automatic ventilation control, room by room or the entire building.

SARS-CoV-2 can’t be detected in the air directly, however, monitoring air quality is the next best thing. Air quality data can be used to automatically control building ventilation, either room by room or the entire building. Automatically controlling your ventilation ensures the entire HVAC system is running optimally, making sure your building is as safe, healthy and energy efficient as possible at all times. Centralised HVAC controls also reduces surface contact with control interfaces and in turn reduces transmission risks.

An evolving ventilation control system

As our understanding of the virus and how to combat it evolves the recommendations for the rate of airflow and plant runtimes evolve too. Our system allows every facility to be updated with the current best practices simultaneously.

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, the REVHA – Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations – has advised property managers to increase ventilation of spaces and to switch to using outdoor air, whilst closing the building recirculation dampers. It is likely to be a requirement for offices to meet new workplace ventilation standards.

Smart Spaces®

Smart Spaces® delivers full remote control of your HVAC, including real-time data on operating conditions and maintenance. Data analytics such as CO2, operating noise, light levels and temperature are fed into the BEMS to ensure occupant comfort.

Our Smart Spaces® integration also provides a full Digital Twin of your HVAC system.

The Digital Twin is an interactive, 3D model of your building that gives you full 360° views on a room or floor level, as well as airflow simulation and modelling

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