A commitment to net zero carbon & reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The UK has one of the most progressive emissions targets in the world; a 78% reduction by 2035 and reach net zero by 2050.

The 2050 net zero emission targets puts the focus on companies to track, evaluate and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our holistic approach combines BEMS, Smart HVAC and Commercial IoT and was developed over 15 years in conjunction with countless clients. Our method optimises your existing equipment, upgrades hardware when necessary and determines the new reduced emissions.

Monitoring GHG emissions plays a key role in decarbonisation by providing the basis of emissions forecasts and targets. It also makes sure you don’t pay a higher carbon tax than you should and allows the residual emissions to be offset via a carbon offsetting scheme.

Carbon Neutral V NetZero

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutrality means balancing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by ‘offsetting’ – or removing from the atmosphere – an equivalent amount of carbon for the amount produced through support for GHG-reduction initiatives and/or by purchasing carbon credits. This does not require a commitment to reduce overall GHG emissions. A carbon-neutral business needs only to offset the GHG emissions it produces, even if those emissions are increasing.

Companies who take this approach have sometimes been accused of ‘greenwashing’ regardless of how genuine their efforts at addressing climate change are.

Net Zero

In contrast, a commitment to net zero carbon means reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of balancing the emissions produced and emissions removed from the earth’s atmosphere.

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