Smart FM Systems

Our Smart Spaces platform offers a seamless solution to optimising any office building’s performance

Making any office building’s performance smarter, healthier, and more sustainable through our Smart FM Systems.

The holistic approach we take to Smart FM (Facilities Management) considers every building user, providing frictionless building access, booking of resources, enhanced security and a full-facility Digital Twin for simulation and modelling.

Building Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring building infrastructure means we can predict equipment failure and intervene before the issue escalates. Smart maintenance scheduling minimises cost and disruption, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Automatic and user-generated incident reports let FM react instantly and begin the repair process.

Smarter Building Access

As we make the transition back to centralised workplaces E2C can help prepare your workplace for a post COVID-19 return by making building access easier and safer with Smart Spaces. Visitors receive automated, client-branded emails explaining the arrival protocol and the safety measures you have in place. The invite can either include instructions to skip reception or request identification be provided to your front-of-house team before proceeding.

An easy to use, temporary and hands-free access pass to the building can be onboarded to their Apple Wallet for extra convenience and safety.

Maximising Workplace Occupancy

Social distancing has forced us to reassess the usage of public spaces and interactions. With real-time headcount within meeting rooms and desk areas, you can maximise your workspace occupancy, whilst improving facility management.

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