LEM Energy Monitoring Project

Independent energy monitoring systems for energy trial project

Independent energy monitoring systems for energy trial project

Environmental Energy Controls successfully provided one hundred monitoring solutions to assist British gas in collecting and analysing data from the Cornwall LEM project

Centrica Installed a range of smart, low-carbon energy technologies (including monitoring equipment, battery systems, solar panels, combined heat and power, and a wind turbine) in homes and businesses across the county. But the centrepiece was Centrica’s pioneering auction-based marketplace, an online platform for trading flexibility, aimed at reducing constraints on the network. This virtual marketplace allowed the national system operator and the local network operator to buy flexibility simultaneously for the first time.

Our role was to provide 100 monitoring kits and reporting of data back to the data analysts to prove the required facts which seem a successful delivery of data to the client. This data was used to validate the findings and pave the way for further trials. The systems were construction in our own manufacturing facility, tested and then shipped to the installers for local installation. We then assist with remote checks, device set up and data streams meeting the criteria of reporting levels needed.

Using the lightweight low-cost equipment and monitoring enabled the client to achieve their cost model but ensure the data being received was of a high standard.